Research & Study

Research for official agencies and Academic Research for the Institute or University

Public data base and open sauce in Asian countries are not enough compared with Japan .It is not easy to get only simple statistical data. We had studied for its survey with several Institutes across several countries . These research had helped to make official decisions in Asia,ie Eco-car project in Thailand, alternative energy regulation for Japan.

Resources Development Study in Thailand and neighboring countries

Thailand has a lot of impressive points and is  attracting over ten million tourists .There are also hidden charms in Myanmar and Laos. We had surveyed tourism development in Myanmar and Laos as well as water, forest and mineral resources conducted by the investigation team of each experts.


  • Asia's energy sector, energy conservation, alternative energy situation, solar power, wind power
  • Asian auto industry, auto parts, introduction of eco-cars, electric cars possibility
  • Asia Electrical, Electronics industry, Electronic components industry
  • Asia's IT industry, software development situation
  • Asia's labor market, labor law and international human resources market
  • Water, minerals, forests, natural resources development, agricultural development situation in Asia
  • CDM projects, CO2 reduction, global warming and other environmental in Asia
  • Recycling situation, recycling market of Asia
  • Circumstances to accept Japanese aging people as long-stay in Asia
  • Tourism development in Asia, exhibitions business, ecotourism circumstances
  • Market research for new product development and new market in Thailand