Future growth in Asia


We can not be considered the future growth without the market of Asia and the factories for Japanese economy.
We can see now small and medium-sized enterprises, which are growing greatly in the trend of internationalization.
While FTA negotiation between Japan and Asian countries is advanced, we cannot live only with the posture of defense of keeping Japanese market independently.
Since the beginning of 1990 I had come upon the small and medium-sized enterprises of Asian countries, I had arranged good relationship with  Japanese companies and  Asian companies. 
We are standing on this role as a mission. We can concentrate Thailand that is best location in Asia since the beginning of 2000.

 While I had worked for Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry and theJapanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, we had considered that fairness was important for our members, in order to development small and medium-sized enterprises.
I am sure that good connection of Japan and Asia is especially important. I should come out of these organizations and I’d like to assist these companies individually.
Therefore, the following is the mission of our company.
If our assistance  can play for  your success ,it is most appreciated for us.

                                                                                                     MASAO TAKAGI      

                                                                                                            髙木 正雄 


No_01.pngWe achieve the client's problems quickly and to form a team of experts flexibly.
No_02.pngOur motto is to provide the results of not the only material available but also our interview on our feet.
No_03.pngA new theme or new target challenges us to study the non-conventional way on the basic study.



Birthday September 23, 1950
March 1973 St. Andrew's University in Japan graduate (Japan Scholarship Foundation special scholarship student)
March, 1973 Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) He had served for many members of OCCI for 30 years. In this period, executive-committee member of the staff union,the manager of Tennoji branch, training department, the project promotion department, and Joto-Tsurumi branch were successively finished.

April 1992- March 1995
The relationship with Asia was started in April 1992 as a sales manager of the goverment relative commercial or Asia & Pacific Trade Center in Osaka. It has offered management support for the Chinese and Asean companies, which marched in Japan as tenants of ITM, ATC. He had assisted these enterprises as chief manager for the Asia SME, and Japanese SME.
April 2000 - April 2003
He had served for 1100 members as the secretary-general of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok (JCC) supported by OCCI. His assignment was started April 2000 and ended April 2003. He could get happy retirement and simultaneously carried out also from OCCI. He could get many friends with OCCI and JCC members.
May 2003
He had started his own business since May 2003. He could take support of Thai and Japanese economic and cultural relationship. Individually,this exchange program is offered by TMO since May 2003.
Takagi Management Office(TMO)Co.,Ltd started up since July 2004-Since then he has been working for many Japanese and Asian companies or institutes.

Steps of TMO

May 2003 Our office started by myself.”TMO”
1st client was APU, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Since the start ,we had served for Japanese Investors . We had assisted Feasibility study and market research. 1st success story is one of SME, Japanese Manufacturers could get Thai partner and they had technology transferred for them.
July 2004 ”Takagi Management Office(TMO)Co.,Ltd ”was set up officially.Consulting and marketing for Japanese & Thai companies. One of the case ,a home furnishing company would like to open Japanese market. They could get DEP support for Exhibition
July 2005-December 2005 Research for Ministry of Industry in Thailand via Thai Automotive Institute. Thailand Autoparts Industry competetivness with Korea & Japan. This study was pre-survey for Eco Car Project in Thailand.
January 2006 Clean Coal Technology study in Thailand
October 2007-February 2008 Study for Possibility of Public Private Partnership in Energy Sector(Laos,Cambodia)
January-March 2008 Assist of East and West corridor Project ,Japanese and Vietnam,Lao and Thailand corporation project. These studies were for Japanese Government Policy making.
We are doing not only official research but also private market research.While doing market research we are consulting with Thai and Japanese companies, Recruiting, Procurement, Labor management, HR, Marketing and M&A.